The Prey

Director: Edwin Brown Screenplay: Summer Brown & Edwin Brown Starring: Debbie Thureson, Steve Bond, Lori Lethin, Robert Wald, Gayle Ganees, Jackson Bostwick Year: 1983 Country: USA BBFC Classification:...

The Chill Factor

Director: Christopher Webster Screenplay:  Julian Weaver Starring: Dawn Laurrie, Aaron Kjenass, Connie Snyder, David Fields Year: 1993 Country: USA BBFC Classification: 18 “I could drive a sled bette...

Trapped Alive

Director: Leszek Burzynski Screenplay: Leszek Burzynski, Julian Weaver Starring: Sullivan Hester, Laura Kallison, Mark Witsken, Michael Nash, Alex Kubik Year: 1988 Country: USA BBFC Classification: 18 N...

The Annihilators

Director: Charles E. Sellier Jr Screenplay: Brain Russell Starring: Christopher Stone, Jim Antonio, Sid Conrad, Gerrit Graham, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Paul Koslo Year: 1985 Country: USA BBFC Classification...


Kiyoshi Kurosawa's grimy J-Horror with a touch of graveyard style, explores loneliness, the internet and the dead oozing into our world.

Microwave Massacre

Director: Wayne Berwick Script: Thomas Singer Cast: Jackie Vernon, Loren Schein, Al Troupe, Claire Ginsberg, Lee Ann Webber, Sarah Alt, John Harmon, Cindy Grant, Norman Friedman Running time: 76 minutes Yea...