terrahawks1-702x336 Director: Gerry Anderson
Screenplay: Gerry Anderson
Starring: Jeremy Hitchen, Denise Bryer, Anne Ridler
Country: Uk
Running Time: 23 mins
Year: 1983
BBFC Certificate: PG

Time for a little walk down memory lane with this classic kids show from the wonderful Gerry Anderson. As a child I was introduced to a selection of his programmes by a friend starting with Captain Scarlett, then Thunderbirds and Terrahawks. I have to admit I was not impressed by the latter as a child due to the fact that it was in my eyes a failed attempt to make make the puppets more realistic. instead we were given a creepy cast of puppets which were scarier that the main villain Zelda.


This series follows the adventures of the titular Terrahawks, a secret organisation tasked with defending the earth from the threat of martian androids. If this is sounding outrageous to you, just wait till you hear the scripting within the show. It achieves almost all of the common science fiction tropes and not in a good way. Gerry Anderson as I have said before has made some amazing shows but in my eyes this is not one of them. It pains me to admit this as a fan of classic sci-fi but it is great for those on the look out for a nostalgia trip but not many others. It has not aged well either although the release to blu-ray has done well to bring this show forward into the modern age.


This collection includes the first thirteen episodes and some absolutely superb special features which include a documentary on the creation of its special effects. Also included was the ”movie” Expect the Unexpected which was previously released on VHS.

It is available now on blu-ray. I truly wish I could say more about this but it is the first time I’ve come across one that I did not like.

Please remember that this is my own personal opinion so I hope that you will find it more enjoyable than I did.

Terrahawks Volume 1
1.0Overall Score
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  1. Florentine 318

    I 100% agree with you. Terrahawks has aged really badly. Even Gerry Anderson himself hated it. Captain Scarlet was always my favourite.


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