journey-2-movie-posterDirector: Brad Peyton
Screenplay: Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn
Based on a novel by: Jules Verne
Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Vanessa Hudgens
Country: USA
Running Time: 94 min
Year: 2012
BBFC Certificate: PG

Quite a few people haven’t said great things about this movie and have given this movie negative reviews: Some have said the script is horrible and is full of bad jokes, some have said the characters have no personality and others have mentioned it’s bizarre, nonsensical story. Whilst all of this is true, this doesn’t mean it was a bad movie. Actually, it’s the complete opposite, it was very entertaining and something families will love. As a ‘sequel’ to Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island follows in it’s footsteps of keeping that sense of adventure that made us like the first one. Not only that but Journey 2 has some beautiful, colourful visuals that I’m sure children and adults alike will appreciate. Performance-wise, Dwayne Johnson and Michael Caine are very entertaining in this movie as the banter between them is fun to watch but the ‘romance’ between Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t convincing in the slightest. Luis Guzman plays the comic relief role and is quite likeable, however out of all of the characters in the movie, he is the one you care about the most.

Now with the visuals and the good performances in mind, you have the script, the story and the writing. There isn’t really much excuse for the script, it has some terrible jokes that you’d expect from Christmas crackers and some of the dialogue is just cheesy. The characters don’t have much personality to them and they’re all pretty much one-dimensional with the exception, surprisingly, of Luis Guzman’s character. As for the story, it’s crazy and it doesn’t make a lot of sense and there isn’t really much plot at all but all of these negatives doesn’t matter because the movie succeeds in what it wanted to do: Entertain the audience. Children will love this and adults will be fairly entertained as well. The cast looked like they had a lot of fun filming this which is evident in the gag reel but it’s a shame that it wasn’t long at all, it was only one minute. A couple of the deleted scenes were actually pretty good and could have been used in the movie but I’m pretty sure if they used it, it would mean that they would have needed to add more to the story. However, the rest of the deleted scenes weren’t very important or relevant or even entertaining. Overall, this is definitely one for families and will entertain the little ones.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth was a very good family movie and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is the same. It might not be perfect and you may have seen better family adventure movies out there but in the end, it’s entertaining, it kills an hour and a half and it’s visually nice to look at and most importantly, it’s fun. It’s just a shame that some audience members may take this movie too seriously and slate it.

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