After a lengthy Christmas/New Year/wedding/laziness-fueled hiatus, we’re back with episode 2 of the Blueprint: Review podcast. Darren couldn’t be with us as he’s busy working on his play Laminated (click here for more info) but Abi joined us to take his place.

In this episode we catch up on the latest news about a handful of franchises as well as awards season. We discover everyone’s a couple of weeks behind on their cinema-going but nonetheless discuss 127 Hours and The King’s Speech in detail as well as talk about what we’ve seen on DVD/Blu-Ray/TV including A Prophet, Taken and The Secret In Their Eyes.

As before we’d love some feedback as we’re new to the whole podcasting game. I’d like to know if people notice or care about the music in the background for one as I keep it very quiet and almost took it off all together. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

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