Blueprint: Review has been running for over a decade now and has gone from strength to strength, building a larger readership over time and focussing its content on largely UK home entertainment releases (though we still do a few game and soundtrack reviews now and again).

We have a great team of writers who help provide fairly regular content for the site. Over time, a number of these contributors have drifted away though due to other commitments – posting regularly is very time consuming and life can easily get in the way. We’re also getting offered screeners more frequently than ever so it’s hard to cover everything, particularly as we all do this in our spare time.

So I’m writing this post to see if any of our readers would be interested in writing for Blueprint: Review.

In particular, I’d love to find experienced bloggers interested in some of the more ‘high-brow’ Blu-ray releases we cover, as we already have a lot of people to cover the horror and other genre titles. That’s not to mean new writers wouldn’t get a chance at covering those, but I’d like to find someone who’s as happy to write about Ingmar Bergman as they are Herschell Gordon Lewis, for example.

Writers would also be expected to delve into the extra features of boutique label releases, as we like to cover the whole package.

There wouldn’t be any money involved as you might probably guess. The film blogging marketplace is full to the brim, so the chances of profiting from it are slim to none these days. We do however have a number of close relationships with distributors and PR companies, so frequently get offered a wide variety of film screeners, game keys and soundtrack previews at no cost other than our time. So, if you’re part of our writing pool you will get to know whenever these are available and can request those you’re interested in. We even occasionally get invites to press screenings if you live in or near London.

It’s preferable for contributors to know a bit about WordPress or similar blogging services, but if you’re a total newcomer you can send reviews to me to post. Over time I’d appreciate it if you would learn to do this yourself though as it’s a time-consuming business.

So, if you would like to join the Blueprint: Review team, then please email us at

If you could link to some examples of previous reviews/features in your email that would be great. If you’ve never published anything before or at least not posted anything online, we would still like to see an example of your writing. In this case, please put together something new in an email to demonstrate your ability and style as we’re unlikely to bring on a totally untested writer.

Thank you.

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