Directors: Charles Band, Albert Bandwpaf844189_05_06
Writer: Charles Band (original idea), C. Courtney Joyner (screenplay)
Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Brian Thompson, Jay Acovone, Yvette Nipar, Ritch Brinkley
Country: USA
Running Time: 75 mins approx
Year: 1992
BBFC Certificate: 15

Jason and the Argonauts meet Ghostbusters in Doctor Mordrid.
88 Films have released a trip into the 4th dimension with this Full Moon Entertainment production, based on an original idea by Charles Band. Meet ultra-cool Doctor Mordrid – Master of the Unknown and his nemesis, Kabal – Evils Ultimate Warrior. This lark stars Jeffrey Combs of Re-animator fame, Yvette Nipar of Robocop prominence and Brian Thompson, I know him from Fright Night, to mention a few.

Doctor Mordrid (Combs) is watching over the world to make sure no evil schemes are being hatched. There is much more to Doctor Mordrid than we first thought, he is over a hundred years old and spends his evenings talking to a pair of disembodied ethereal eyes. Something evil is festering in the universe leading Doctor Mordrid to visit the dark dimensions, where he encounters his horribly mutilated old friend, who tells him the terrible truth. Back in this dimension Doctor Mordrid meets Sam (Nipar) and invites her in for coffee, the sparks of romance are lit, just one question, why are they drinking out of cafetieres, maybe this was cool in the 90’s. But as they say “When things get a little crazy there must be a full moon tonight”.

After 150 years Kabal (Thompson) has returned and his “intensions are worse than evil” casting spells and smashing human skulls, he delights in tormenting Doctor Mordrid promising “I’ll drink your blood and feed on your flesh and it will taste sweet”. The local heavy metal demon worshippers have made a bit of a boob by summoning Kabal, they pay the price with death and having their blood drained.

Sam helps Dr Mordrid to escape the bungling cops in time to make the grand finale at the museum. This has a very “Jason and the Argonauts” animation feel with escaping demons and battling dinosaur skeletons. Kabal and Dr Mordrid arrive to face up for the big battle and they begin casting spells. Kabal brings a T- Rex skeleton to life and Dr Mordrid has a mammoth skeleton on his side. There is a nasty impaling and a security guard canapé to be enjoyed, if you like a spot of violence, but will there be any romance between Sam and Dr Mordrid?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this 88 Films release although it was a little slow in places, but then that’s part of its charm. The acting is to a high standard, with many well-known names, it’s packed full of very groovy big hair and some pretty good special effects, including the exploding church windows. Animation has advanced since this flick was first released, but that does not make it irrelevant, it is still enjoyable and probably one of the reasons you would choose to watch this film. For those of you who think this is a horror film because of the cast, well it’s not, it has some fun violence, but really this is a fantasy adventure supernatural science fiction jaunt. You also get a peek behind the scenes with some interesting extras including an interview with Charles and Albert Band. So enjoy something different and marvel at the strange world of Doctor Mordrid, he has a magic all of his own in this re-animated classic.

Reviewer: Billious De-Ath

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