Lego Marvel Super HeroesFormat reviewed: Xbox 360
Other formats available: Xbox one, PS4, PS3, Vita, PC, Wii U, 3DS
Developer: TT Games
Publisher: warner Bros Interactive
Price: ÂŁ29.99
Rating: 7

Having spent many an hour ridding Gotham of criminals, now you can extend your super hero activity wider with SHIELD and all the characters from the Marvel universe.

Having played rather too many Lego games over the years I did begin to get a bit jaded by the incessant stud collecting and lost interest. However, my interest was resurrected with the excellent Batman 2 and I loved Marvel too.

There’s a buzz to be playing such cool looking minfigs as Iron Man and The Hulk in such an amazing looking setting as a Lego New York City. If you can excuse the pun, there is a lot to Marvel at.

In many ways there isn’t much new to LMSH as the gameplay is much the same as Lego Batman 2 and the other recent Lego games. There are the missions that you work through, but then there are all the other things to collect such as gold bricks and in LMSH Stan Lee in peril, instead of citizen in peril as in LB2. Whereas in LB2 the game revolved around the Batcave, in LMSH it is based around the massive flying SHIELD aircraft carrier.

As you would expect there is a lot puzzle solving, destruction and construction in the game, but then that’s what Lego is all about isn’t it.

The storyline in the game, although it’s not that important really, is that the Silver Surfer’s surfboard shatters into cosmic blocks that then fall to earth. Dr Doom, being a naughty boy, wants to use them (not as doorstops we imagine). You then, naturally, have to collect these blocks and stop them falling into Loki’s hands amongst the other baddies that you meet.

Now I generally loathe boss battles, but for once these are enjoyable. This is because they are baddies that you’ve heard of before and they’ve been wonderfully rendered into Lego.


If you, like us, enjoyed LB2 then you will love LMSH. The levels are stunning and quite long again. There are save points as you go, which you will need unless you can dedicate more than a few hours to each one. The level of detail that TT Games has managed to squeeze in again is simply stunning. On the streets of NYC there is so much going on. You can also go inside some of the buildings, which adds another level to the game.

Whereas in LB2 you had the Caped Crusader, Superman etc. of course in LMSH you get the likes of Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow, Spider-man, complete with his usual commentary as you would expect, but also Thor, Iron Man and The Hulk (as mentioned). As you would imagine there are times when you need to swap between Bruce Banner and The Hulk, this means you get to see an excellent animation as he changes from one to the other.

LMSH isn’t flawless. There are some issues with the controls, particularly when you’re trying to operate a vehicle and you switch characters instead. It’s a minor point for what is yet another excellent Lego game. The fact that the story is only a small percentage of the Lego games makes them excellent value for money.

So if, like me, you are a fan of Lego and also have a young fan in your house too then Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be another super hit.

Review by Tucksksi for BCS

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