Director: Christopher R. Witherspoon
Script: Christopher R. Witherspoon
Cast: Rick Crawford, Christopher R. Witherspoon, Audrey Walker, M.I Maltz
Running time: 85 minutes
Year: 2011

From it’s opening definition of ‘Rage’, right until the final shot, Rage, has the habit of wrong footing you; just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, something else happens, which is all too rare in these days of franchises, sequels, remakes and routine ‘tick-box’ exercises in entertainment that pass for cinema experiences these days.

Dennis Twist, played well by Rich Crawford, is a normal kind of guy living in the suburbs of the city with his wife, and he even gets on ok with his neighbours. One morning he heads off to the city to meet a friend and, unknown to his wife, also his lover in order to call their growing relationship off – he’s decided he loves his wife too much to shack up with his mistress, Dana, permanently.

Unfortunately for Dennis his already fairly complicated life is about to get a hell of a lot more complicated by a mad, bad, and dangerous to know biker who first of all keys his car, then tampers with his brakes, beats him up and humiliates him and, finally, just when poor Dennis thinks it can’t get any worse, the crazy biker makes the sort of house call he’ll never forget!

The film deliberately sets out to give you a few of options as to who the biker might be, because we have figured out quite early on that at least a couple of people have the motive to go after Dennis. And I’m glad to say it keeps you guessing until near the final reel and the totally f**ked up ending, which is all at once audacious, nuts and genius simultaneously.

Rage is a difficult film to categorise because at times it plays like a straight thriller, then it skirts into the realm of black comedy and finally descends into something quite horrific, which will have you shaking your head in disbelief at the denouement.

Since it would be unfair of me to say any more about the plot – I don’t want to spoil it for you – I’ll now go on to say something about its other qualities.

Rage is nicely shot and has a decent and fairly exciting musical score. Writer, director, producer and God knows what else, Christopher R. Witherspoon, has done a good job on a relatively small budget to create a tense, exciting and fairly unusual thriller, which marks him out as someone to watch out for. Overall the acting is pretty good, the film’s pacing excellent and some decent locations are used both in and around Portland, Oregon and St Helens where it was shot.

I’d certainly recommend checking this film out if you fancy watching something that’s well made, tense and exciting.

Reviewer: Justin Richards

Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, RAGE hasn’t yet been released in the UK or the US. It is enjoying a successful festival run though so you might be able to catch it somewhere. Hopefully it should get picked up soon and you’ll be able to get hold of it somehow.


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