Having a slight change in the formula of our Haiku Review features. We’re getting more and more and it seems pointless to feature them all, so instead I will do a top 10 haiku’s every month, as well as have a feature film that month where we’ll have a collection of Haikus, this month is The Tree of Life.

We will still tweet and feature on our homepage haiku generator all tweets we get, so if you like a more regular dose of haiku reviews, then follow our Twitter account @blueprintrev. Please feel free to tweet your own Haiku reviews (don’t forget #haikureview) and we’ll keep an eye out and re-tweet them; and of course post the best ones on this site. They will be chosen for their comedy or their quality, it appears the two are exclusive!

Top 10 (in no order)

BLUE VALENTINE (@dave_or_did)
Love ain’t no picnic
simple, stark and powerful
depressing as hell

THE LINCOLN LAWYER (@dirtyvicar)
This legal thriller
manages to pass the bar
without raising it.

3 COLOURS BLUE (Laura Kavanagh)
Binoche is stunning
As she deals with tragic loss.
Subtle, beautiful.

LIMITLESS (@dirtyvicar)
Alas, drug abuse
will never lead to looking
like Bradley Cooper.

SEASON OF THE WITCH (@dirtyvicar)
The blackest arts could
not conjure up worse evil
than too much Nic Cage.

SUCKER PUNCH (@dirtyvicar)
Part video game.
Part music video. Part
anime. Part thigh.

POETRY (@dave_or_did)
Subtle and poignant.
Quietly devastating
Through raw filmmaking

CAPTAIN AMERICA (@darrenleebolton)
Ven Hugo Veeving
Triez to be german, he sounds
Like a camp Arnie!

TRANSFORMERS 3 (@darrenleebolton)
I though this wasn’t
Supposed to be completely
Awful and inane?

LA QUATTRO VOLTE (Damien Beedham)
A film of four parts
In which a goat steals the show.
Is one of year’s best


The most pretentious
Film I have ever, ever,
Ever, ever seen!

A meditation
that forces one to wonder
What it’s all about

Laura Kavanagh
Christian ramble.
What is it all meant to mean…?
Pretentious wank!

Damien Beedham
Malick back again
With a Palme d’Or winning film.
Absolute rubbish

Compelling musings
On life and how it is shaped.
Stunning visuals





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