“Where have you been!” We hear you cry. We missed this post last month (boo). Not to worry though, this month everything is back to normal (hooray!) and we’ve had a fantastic time reading through the last two months of your weird & wonderful reviews. So once again here are our Top 10 teeny tiny reviews!

Haiku Review: Top 10

We’re glad to be back! Here’s our selection of your film reviews for the last 2 months. If you’d like to be featured in next months Haiku Review blog (we will do one, I promise) all you have to do is write a really amazing review, in the simple Haiku format. Which is much harder than it seems, but also quite a lot of fun. Once you’ve got your Haiku tweet it to us at @BlueprintRev using the hashtag #HaikuReview. We retweet all our review submissions and if you’re in our 10 favourites, we’ll feature you on the blog! Let’s get started!

THE VISIT by Indy Randhawa (@IndyRandhawa)
Why’s it found footage?
I’m done defending M. Night.
Diaper in the face

THE MARTIAN by Ben Parr (@BenParr)
Go watch The Martian
It makes problem solving cool
Science is awesome!!!

THE EXORCIST by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Friedkin’s unique film
Can still creep under your skin
And spew in your face

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Summer blockbuster
Done big, loud and loads of fun.
The way they should be.

CRIMSON PEAK by Chris Teregis (@ChrisTeregis)
Beautifully told
A little too much CG
Not Pan’s Labyrinth


PADDINGTON by Indy Randhawa (@IndyRandhawa)
A beautiful tale
of one new immigrant’s plight
Oh yeah, he’s a bear

LONDON ROAD by Mikaela Smith (@MikaelaRhiannon)
The community
is captured so honestly.
Remarkable film.

THE WOLFPACK by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Fascinating doc
Shows the true power of film
In lives of ‘shut-ins’


THE DROP by Damien Beedham (@BlueprintFilm)
Character, milieu,
Plot – all pitch perfect in this
High quality film.

LEGEND by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Far more cartoony
Than expected. And wanted.
But it is still fun


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