Director: Mark Andrews
Cast: Emma Thompson, Kelly Macdonald & Kevin McKidd

Pixar venture into the Scottish Highlands with Brave featuring their first female lead protagonist and a first time feature director. Coming across like Braveheart meets Mulan, this teaser looks promising and it’s nice to see Pixar taking a few risks again after playing things safe with sequels for Toy Story and Cars as well as the forthcoming Monsters, Inc. follow-up.

Wu Xia a.k.a. Dragon

Director: Peter Chan
Cast: Kara Hui, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Xiao Ran Li & Donnie Yen

Yes, I know – another period kung fu film with flashy slow-mo and physics defying moves, yawn… but there’s something about the clips of this that have me excited. This trailer doesn’t offer much but I’ve seen some longer segments that make this look very stylish and much classier than most recent martial arts movies. Peter Chan’s previous film Warlords was good – messy, but well directed. So hopefully with lighter, less sombre subject matter as this, action fans should be in for a treat.


Director: Craig Brewer
Cast: Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Andie MacDowell, Dennis Quaid

It’s unfair of me to critique trailers like these really because I’m not a dance-movie fan, I’m not even much of a musical fan and remakes generally make my blood boil (bar a few exceptions), but I really don’t like the look of this. Now I’ve not seen the original Footloose for the aforementioned reasons, but I imagine this is a painfully safe and obvious ‘modernisation’ of the 80’s ‘classic’. Nothing about this film looks interesting to me – the set up is ridiculous, the dialogue hackneyed and even the dancing looks bland. Fans of Step Up etc. will probably all disagree with me, but I think this looks awful.

Life in a Day

Director: Kevin MacDonald

Produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin MacDonald (One Day in September & Touching the Void), Life in a Day is the result of a call out for filmmakers around the world to submit footage shot on July 24th, 2010. They received 80,000 submissions and 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries, which has been painstakingly edited down to a 95 minute time capsule of life on Earth on that day. It’s a great idea that I’m sure has been done once or twice before, but on this scale and at a time when even amateur filmmakers can produce beautiful imagery on budget equipment I’m quite excited to see the results. The trailer looks gorgeous, touching and uplifting, so hopefully the finished film will live up to it’s promise.


Director: Bennett Miller
Cast: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman

The jury’s still in for me after watching this trailer. I’ve always found sports-movies to be naturally a bit cheesy so there’s a bit of schmaltz in here that leaves a nasty taste, but the cast is strong (I’m not always a Jonah Hill fan, but he was very good in Cyrus) and there are some nice touches in the trailer usually down to Brad Pitt’s natural charms. It’s co-written by Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin too, so this could well be one to watch so long as it doesn’t slide into cliche territory.

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