With “Season of the Witch” being released on DVD here’s a video in tribute to Nicolas Cage’s not so great films.
Top 5 Worst Nicolas Cage Movies


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  1. Adam Hollingworth


    I think my favourite summary of Bangkok Dangerous is the critic who said the title sounded like a caveman giving travel advice

  2. Justin

    Actually, putting his bad hair pieces aside for a moment, I enjoy most of Nic’s performances, even if some of the films he’s been in are pretty bad themselves!

    I, for one, really like 8mm and think it’s terribly underrated – it’s definitely one of the better snuff related movies out there, believe me! If there’s one prime example of a movie being villified by critics for no real reason 8mm is it. I think alot of people just got on the let’s slate it bandwagon at the time and it’s never really recovered. I suggest you all revisit 8mm sometime.

    Having said that Ghostrider is painful to watch at times and having not yet braved the remake of The Wicker Man or Bang-cock Dangerous I can’t really comment on those.

    Oh, and I liked The Season of the Witch too – well the first half of it – from the moment the glowing eyed wolves attack them it goes down hill pretty fast, but up until then it’s actually pretty good. Shame they screwed it up big time during the final act.

    I saw Conair again the other night – watching that’s a lot of fun, even his watching his wig!

  3. David Brook

    Yeah 8mm is an underrated film, agreed. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it though.

    Con Air – I used to love that movie.

  4. lyndsey jackson

    Leaving Las Vegas?? It’s a proper acting role for him and he’s brilliant. Heartbreaking film.

    Let’s not talk about Ghostrider. It’s too painful.


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