This post is a continuation of Justin Richards’ delve into the genre films playing at the Cannes Marketplace in 2010.

Killer Car movies, by their very nature, require the viewer to suspend their disbelief to a massive degree, but this film’s ‘aliens morphing into cars to trap unwary victims’ plot takes the biscuit. That’s not to say this lazily scripted alien car movie is all bad, it’s actually quite entertaining, it’s just very daft, with more plot holes than your average wasp’s nest. I also can’t see the point of the 3D in this instance, since it doesn’t really enhance the film in any significant way.

Directed by Eric Valette (One Missed Call, State Affairs) Hybrid tries to use 3D to make itself more interesting than it actually is and, unfortunately, the extra dimension doesn’t really add much substance to the already straining plot. This is a shame really as Hybrid is a fun monster movie for those wanting something brainless to accompany a hangover from the night before.

Review by Justin Richards

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