Bless the Child (2000)

Director: Chuck Russells Screenplay: Clifford Green, Ellen Green, Thomas Rickman Starring: Kim Basinger, Jimmy Smitts,  Rufus Sewel, Holliston Coleman Country: USA Running Time: 103 min Year: 2000 BBFC C...

Open 24 Hours

Director: Padraig Reynolds Screenplay: Padraig Reynolds Starring: Vanessa Grasse, Cole Vigue, Emily Tennant, Daniel O’Meara and Brendan Fletcher Country: USA Running Time: 100 min Year: 2018 BBFC Certif...

The Beast Must Die

Director: Paul Annett Screenplay: Michael Winder Starring: Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing, Michael Gambon, Marlene Clark Year: 1974 Duration: 93 min Country: UK BBFC Certification: 15 Known mainly ...

The Shed

From the Director of Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet and Children of the Witch. The Shed is Frank Sabatella's quirky twist on the vampire genre.