Director: Brad Baruh
Screenplay: Irving Walker
Starring:  Barbara Crampton, A.J. Bowen, Brea Grant
Country: USA
Running Time: 79 min
Year: 2017
BBFC Certificate: 18

Following its European Premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest 2018, Studiocanal announces that Dead Night will be arriving on DVD and Download, just in time for Halloween.

James and Casey with their two children and friend Becky take a vacation to a cabin in the woods for health reasons, hoping that the rest will do them good, how wrong could they have been? Quickly things begin to spiral out of control when James finds a strange woman collapsed in the woods. Well as you may have guessed he should have left her outside to freeze to death. But he didn’t; he took her into their cabin to help and soon her evil presence pervades through the cabin to wreak havoc upon the haphazard family, Casey heads off to get an ambulance for the strange woman found in the wood. The others are left in the house to put up with her weird behaviour and when they try to ditch the intruder things become nasty.

The weird goings-on are explained as snippets of a true crime documentary which are inter-twinned through-out the story line and give away some of the story before we see the action on screen. The inter-mingled clips of crime documentary are so over dramatized they are actually remarkably accurate portrayals of the excessively sensationalised documentaries we are so often subjected to. Dead Night has some good concepts straddling the ground between the finest and the acceptable attempts at this genre, supported by sturdy acting creates a flick with its own style creating a competent venture. There are a few twists here which do add to the perplexity of this lonely cabin movie, don’t expect a psycho stalker in this one, you are in for a much more complex explanation of the evil deeds within the forest. As a balance against some of the horrific scenes you will encounter in this jaunt, there is some striking cinematography on offer with stunning scenery and some quite beautiful snow scenes

This Studiocanal release of Dead Night is out on the 8th Oct. 2018 on DVD and Digital Down in the UK. As you will have come to expect from Studiocanal the production is top notch with fine picture and sound quality.

The DVD contains optional English subtitles and a highly enjoyable trailer of the film in the way of extras.

Dead Night
3.0Overall Score
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