csi_cyber_season_1_dvdDirector: Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn, Anthony E. Zuiker
Screenplay: Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn, Anthony E. Zuiker
Starring: Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Shad Moss
Country: USA
Running Time: 44 min each
Year: 2015
BBFC Certificate: 15



How can I best describe this show? To start with this show had me  increase the security on all my devices at home and actually made me think about the things that I do on my computer. For a fictional series anyone with a knowledge of our ever advancing technology will see how accurate their processes are and if you are a tech newbie it is a great way to learn about the risks of our modern world. So the first thing I want to do is congratulate the team that did all of the fact checking.

Next up we have the fictional side, the characters and overall story. ¬†Let’s start by looking at the characters, actors and actresses and their development throughout the first season. First up we have Agent Avery Ryan played by ¬†Patricia Arquette who showed here wonderful range as an actress in this show as the team leader who joined after being a victim of cyber crime resulting in a death that lead her down a path of revenge. she is down to earth and always looking for the best in people. Next in our team we have here second in command Agent Elijah Mundo who is portrayed by James Van Der Beek who is her cynical and at times hot headed counterpart. he was a family man who put his job first at the risk to his own marriage. Also on the team we have Brody Nelson played by Shad Moss a former black hat hacker who is given a chance to get his life in order by joining the team. The other members of the team are Raven Ramirez another former black hat played by Hayley Kiyoko and Daniel Krumitz who is played by Charley Koontz, a tech genius with a soft side.


During each episode the team deal with a different case dealing with hackers committing various crimes from kidnapping, theft, arson and even murder. It has a very good underlying story revolving around the crime that resulted in Avery joining and also delving into the past of Daniel Krumitz which I am not afraid to mention had me sat questioning how I would  have coped in a similar situation. It has me eagerly anticipating the next season.

This is available now on dvd now and in my view is a must for anyone’s collection. As always I¬†hope that you enjoy this as much as I¬†have.

5.0Overall Score
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