It’s the start of a new month, which means we have a stockpile of Haiku Reviews all ready to go! We recommend tucking up with a hot drink, listening to the August rain outside (sigh), and settling in with these insightful, funny, seventeen-syllabled film reviews.

We’ll be honest, there’s a lot of Star Trek.

Top 10 Haiku Reviews

STAR TREK BEYOND: by Joshua Bradley  (@airjoshb)
Fast is at warp speed
Furious is the frontier
Unity the flag

STAR TREK BEYOND: by Joshua Bradley  (@airjoshb)
Old themes made anew
With heavy hands falling flat
Best when warp engaged

STAR TREK BEYOND: by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
Lin test drives Star Trek
Brings more fiction than science
But flies at warp speed


POLTERGEIST by Elena Chin (@theelenachin)
Poltergeist scares me.
Will you go into the light?
The other side waits.

TARZAN: by Joshua Bradley (@airjoshb)
Somewhere in between
Burton’s apes and Jackson’s Kong
Stilted and star struck

JASON BOURNE: by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
Bourne’s fifth time around
Offers no new surprises
Fun but generic


FINDING DORY: by David Brook (@Dave_or_did)
Special needs issues
Add weight to this touching tale
Not a dry eye left.

STAR TREK BEYOND: by Kate V. (@possiblyevenme)
Simon Pegg just wrote
All the best lines for himself
Better than last one


STAR TREK BEYOND: by Lorna Martin (@lornarabbit)
Finally part three
Feels like a Classic Trek film!
(With more explosions)

THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH: by Lorna Martin (@lornarabbit)
Only good because
Bowie’s in it. Do not watch
With parents or kids.


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