It’s hard to believe a month has gone past since our last Haiku Review feature, and yet here we are with a new batch of reviews. From current releases to old classics, our Twitter community contributes their film opinions in 17 syllables, and then we post them up here! If you like having opinions about things (who doesn’t), tweet your Haiku Review to @blueprintrev. Here are the top ten Haikus of September.

HIGH RISE (@BloomsdayDevice)
Piet Mondrian would
hate it. Noguchi, though, would
probably love it.

SEA WALL (@brian_pat)
A simple story,
Delivered with honesty
Brings tears in Sea Wall.

MAGNIFICENT 7 (@airjoshb)
Is it the story
or the Master inspires?
Still untarnished gold.


THE ENCOUNTER (@AnikaChapin)
For twenty minutes
An acoustic wonderland
Then, audiobook.

SNOWDEN (@NicholasCPappas )
Lacking emotion.
There’s no ambiguity.
Levitt’s Oscar nod?

SULLY (@highsoliloquy )
crashing planes should be
edge-of-your-seat exciting
but I fell asleep.

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP (@lornarabbit)
Costume design wins.
Self-aware; saves Austen at
her average-est.

Dark sci-fi road trip
Otherworldly, but human
Tall tale told tiny

Bill Murray makes it.
Some funny moments in this
Nerd boy fantasy.

SNOWDEN (@airjoshb)
Packing it all up.
Back to wild Alaska
Dang. Thanks Obama.

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