professionalsDirector: Brian Clemens
Screenplay: Brian Clemens
Starring: Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins
Country: Uk
Running Time: 50 mins
Year: 2016
BBFC Certificate: 15

Okay this has been an odd one for me as due to work commitments I was looking at watching a couple of episodes and doing my review based on them. The weird bit is that after watching two episodes I found myself hooked on a programme that I had not seen before and I truly felt that it would be almost impossible to give justice to.  I found myself watching it in what little spare time I had.  How was it possible that a show as good as this slipped under my radar.

So what was it about this programme that stood out to me so much that I have such dark circles under my eyes that I look similar to a panda bear? The first point that should be made is to be the cast that bring this production to life. To start we have Doyle, played by Martin Shaw – who is best known for the character George Gently, Judge John Deed and one of my favourite depictions of Banquo in the 1971 version of Macbeth. This was a superb role for him that shows his range of acting ability. Next we have Bodie, shown to us as Lewis Collins from Cluedo in which he played Colonel Mustard, Gavin Rumsey in The Cuckoo Waltz and  Captain Peter Skellen in Who Dares Wins. The final person needed in this terrific trio is Gordon Jackson who plays their boss, George Cowley. He was wonderful in Shaka Zulu where he played Professor Bramston, Hudson in Upstairs, Downstairs, and my personal favourite Macdonald in The Great Escape.

The script is well written and although it may be a little dated, it is suspense filled and compelling. We follow the adventures of the elite law enforcement team known simply as CI5. This had a wonderful run during the seventies and eighties. For a programme to keep me coming back for more, it has to be special and I honestly believe that many of the writers of TV shows could learn a lot about both character and story development from Brian Clemens and his team of writers.

This is available now on a five disc Blu-Ray box set which has many special features which include=

: 18 HD Restored episodes from both season’s four and five

: HD Photo Gallery

: Remastered audio as well as original mono audio

: An exclusive book of notes by tv historian Andrew Pixley that explains the history of the productions of the aforementioned episodes.

As I said it’s available now and in my opinion is well worth getting.

The Professionals Mk IV
4.0Overall Score
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