We’re back! There have been some absolutely fantastic cinematic releases over the past month (as well as some astoundingly terrible ones) and we’ve done our best to get you a mix of reviews covering the latest films, as well as a variety of things that we’ve been watching over the past four weeks (and we watch a whole heap of films!). Alongside all of our beautiful longform reviews, we compose teeny little Haiku reviews with our Twitter community for all of those too lazy/busy to read a real review! Here’s the best of the best from the last month (in no particular order of course):

KUNG FU PANDA 2: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Paint by numbers plot
But I enjoy this franchise
And it looks gorgeous

THE REVENANT: by Ben Parr (@benparr)
The Revenant (Bears!)
Leo earned his Oscar (Bears!)
Cinematic joy.

10 CLOVERFIELD LANE: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
This semi-sequel
Is filled with thrills aplenty
But not enough brains


STEVE JOBS: by Joshua Bradley (@airjoshb)
Solid cast and crew
Best startup tv pilot
No more episodes?

HAIL, CAESAR!: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Lower tier Coens
It crams in too many stars
For us to follow


LONDON HAS FALLEN: by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
Plot holes aplenty?
Who cares! Let’s just blow shit up!
It’s thumbs up from me.

THE WITCH: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Period horror
Thrives on chilling atmosphere
Unbearably tense


BATMAN V SUPERMAN: by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
So many plot holes;
Waste of Jeremy Irons.
Assfleck not bad though.

EDDIE THE EAGLE: by David Brook (@Dave_Or_Did)
Cheesetastic sports film
Raises chuckles now and then
But never flies high


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