We’re back! And we’re very excited! It’s been Oscar season which means we’ve all been watching films in overdrive (hooray!). Unfortunately, because we’re all obsessed with films, we saw all the Oscars films the second they came out which means few of them actually made this list (boo). Not to worry though, we like to be unpredictable so we’ve got a good mix of films we’ve reviewed for you, in our trademark bitesize Haikus. Here they are, in no particular order.

WEST OF MEMPHIS by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Yet another tale
Of heartbreaking injustice.
Freedom, at what cost?!

CREED by David Brook (@Dave_or_Did)
Coogler and Jordan
Craft a classy fight film, but
It’s still just Rocky


DEADPOOL by Joshua Bradley (@AirJoshB)
Irreverent. Fun.
Best Marvel since Iron Man
Reynolds in the zone

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
What could be more fun
Than a vampire mock doc?
Turns out, not a lot!

SPOTLIGHT by David Brook (@Dave_or_Did)
This journo drama
Thankfully avoids bombast
In its dark true tale


HAIL, CAESCAR! by Joshua Bradley (@AirJoshB)
Love letter or roast
Coen’s Hollywood romp fails
Better on paper

THE FORCE AWAKENS by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
Star Wars – meh meh meh.
Finn and Rey and Oscar Issacs;
Yes please, I’m so in!

DEADPOOL by Kate V. (@possiblyevenme)
Basically complete
Opposite of Green Lantern…
(Actually good)


THE ASSASSIN by David Brook (@Dave_or_Did)
Pretentious and slow?
Maybe, but this artful film
Still kept me spellbound

INTO THE WOODS by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
Expected awful,
But actually found it quite
Funny and charming.

If you want to take part in the amazing process that is review haikus, then all you’ve got to do is watch a film (thats the easy part), and write a review in the Haiku format (harder than you think!) , and tweet your creation to us @Blueprintrev with the hashtag #ReviewHaiku! We’ll retweet all submissions and post our favourites on next months blog! Get cracking!

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