Director: Buddy Cooper, John Douglassdownload
Screenplay: Buddy Cooper
Starring: Matt Mitler, Frances Raines, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock
Producer: Buddy Cooper
Country: USA
Running Time: 86 min
Year: 2016
BBFC Certificate: 18

A young lad decides to give his father a birthday treat that he will never forget, by cleaning his gun collection, with disastrous consequences as mum ends up with a bullet in the back. Dad comes home to find his wife dead, instantly breaking down, what will become of him, a mutilator per chance?

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Switch to the dumb young things drinking in the bar as they decide to go for some R&R at the beach, “I got a bad feeling about this”. At this point I start to think there has been a mix up and I’m watching a film called “Fall Break”, but I need not have worried because there’s soon to be plenty of mutilating. The kids settle…oh so slowly, into the condo at the beach, before the first grizzly death when our first sacrifice gets a machete in the face followed by decapitation for good measure. The dense tykes elect to play blind man’s bluff and they numbly wander about a brightly lit house as if in the pitch black, has no-one heard of visual acuity?

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The mutilator has come to the party wanting to play his own party games, as the youths turn the lights back on, the mutilator creeps back into the shadows. Their shenanigans have racked the mad-man off so a pitch fork through a neck is deployed. Half of the group are missing now and the remainder still haven’t cottoned on to all the mutilating that’s going on.

Now out comes a particularly vicious looking fish gaff and at last the dim wits realise “something is wrong”, but they opt to stay and look for Ralf which leads to Sue having a particularly unpleasant incident with the fish gaff in the private parts.

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The last two survivors finally stumble upon the mounting pile of chopped corpses and plump to scarper, but this plan does not seem to last for long. They resolve to fight back and amazingly manage to stab the mutilator, they get in the car, but you guessed, it won’t start. The maniac is back for another slashing session as the chumps flood the engine, while the nut hacks his way through the roof, only to be defeated by a cigarette lighter. As the local cop turns up the mutilating screwball is severed in half by the reversing car, but even while sliced in half he manages to hack the cop’s leg off, in a gratuitous gore crazed finale.


The Mutilator is not as grizzly as I’d hoped, but was considered gore infested and highly offensive at the time, have we since been spoiled by the likes of Eli Roth? Although one of the simpler special effects the disagreeable gaff incident has been deemed odious, helped along by a blood filled condom accidently caught on the gaff giving a nice visceral effect. The grainy feel of this rendering adds ambiance, retaining an essential grubby atmosphere, adding to the experience. Coming with an extensive and fascinating selection of extras this presentation is available on Blu-ray and DVD from Arrow on 15th February 2016.


The Mutilator
4.0Overall Score
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