Director: Eric Kripke
Screenplay: Eric Kripke
Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Country: U.S.A
Running Time: 44 mins / 22 Episodes
Year: 2006
BBFC Certificate: 15


Well here we are again. Another season down and what a story. I really enjoyed season one but season two just proves that things can get better. This is a direct continuation of the storyline set out in season one delving deeper into the arcane and occult.

So what’s going on? We start off directly after the final episode in the epic first installment as Dean and Sam start a long journey to discover the true intentions of the yellow eyed demon as played by Fredric Lehne. This furthers the relationship between the brothers in such a deep way that you truly begin to feel the peril that they face will have you on the edge of your seat at times. We will see the brothers face many dangers in this one, ranging from grim reapers all the way to ancient trickster demigods. The hardest part of this review is not giving spoilers when I covered a lot of it in my previous review of season one. To avoid this I’m going to talk about my favourite episode in this season which is called Tall Tales.

Tall Tales is the fifteenth episode of the season and my personal favourite because it shows the lighter side of this sometimes very dark and slightly serious programme. It all starts with a college professor jumping out of his office window after a strange girl makes a move on him and reveals her true nature. Sam and Dean follow up the investigation and not long after their arrival a boy is abducted by aliens where he is probed and made to slow dance with it to Chris De Burgh’s Lady In Red. Yes you did read that right a slow dance with an alien. Next up we have a professor who has his arm bitten off by something in the sewer. they learn that a trickster is behind it and have to stop them. I like the way this story is laid out as Dean and Sam are recounting their investigation to fellow hunter and friend Bobby as played by Jim Beaver. The brothers had been arguing throughout and and the comedy that they come up with is superb including a very camp Sam. In my eyes this episode stuck in my head as one of the funniest episodes ever simply because of its contrast to the serious storyline that is laid out before us this season. There were even moments I found myself laughing out loud.

Yet again I find myself at the end of a season eagerly anticipating watching season three and I look forward to writing the review for it. I hope you enjoyed this review and highly recommend watching this season which is available on dvd and best of all in the blu-ray boxset of season 1-9 which is available now. Well worth the money.


Supernatural Season 2
5.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

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