Director: Kyle Rankin
Screenplay: Kyle Rankin, Andy Selsor
Starring: Maria Thayer, Chris Marquette, Ray Wise
Country: U.S.
Running Time: 85 min
Year: 2015
BBFC Certificate: 12

So Halloween is upon us once again. Time to curl up under a blanket with a good horror and scare ourselves as a psycho killer hunts down teens in an abandoned camp, or watch as people’s nightmares are turned against them in bloody yet imaginative ways. Cliche. It’s a proven formula for success and I can’t deny its is enjoyable but sometimes you just want a bit of light-hearted horror maybe with some comedy and even some romance. Something you can curl up with your loved one and watch and still have a romantic evening.The wonderful thing is that there are these movies being made nowadays and very well I might add. For example Shaun Of The Dead and Warm Bodies. I use these two as examples as they are in the sub genre that I must admit is rather growing on me. Welcome to the world of Zom-Rom-Coms.

Okay the next thing is, what is Night Of The Living Deb? This is the brainchild of writers Kyle Rankin and Andy Selsor. And Rankin is best known for his 2009 horror comedy Infestation and Andy Selsor appears to be a new player on the scene as this is his debut that may well launch his career. I would like to take a moment here to also talk about the funding for this movie. Rather than going to one of the big studio’s on this wonderful idea the writers instead went for the option of crowdfunding via Kickstarter. A risky manoeuvre that has seen the death of many worthy projects but has also allowed little known writers, directors and ideas the opportunity to share their visions with the world. With the help of 548 backers they managed to raise $106,004 (£68659.90) and so Night Of The Living Deb became a reality. It was then picked up by FrightFest Presents for distribution for which I thank them.

So what’s it all about. This is the story of Deb Clarington, played by Maria Thayer (Hitch, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) an awkward woman who wants to find Mr Right. One day she awakens in the apartment of the most attractive man in Portland, without any recollection of how she got there. The aforementioned man is Chaz Waverly as brought to life by actor Chris Marquette (Fanboys, Freddie Vs Jason) and between them they discover a massive zombie outbreak. This is now a matter of survival. With the help of people like Chaz’s father, Frank Waverly Who is portrayed by one of my favourite actors Ray Wise (24, Reaper) This odd coupling may just survive the end of their worlds and see in the dawn of a new one.

This film is cheesy and at times very predictable which is what makes it so good. The comedy in it can be a bit dry, the storyline is good and the special effects are ok but that isn’t the point. This film is one of those rare gems. I eagerly await its release so I can get a copy and watch it again with my partner over a nice glass of wine.
The best advice I can give you is buy this film. No it is not flawless but it is a step in the right direction for the next generation of horror comedy and we need to stand up and support these new writers. If not we are left with more remakes of classic Horrors that fall so far from the mark in effect killing the genre and flooding it with rubbish.

Night Of The Living Deb will be released online on 19th October as part of the first phase of releases on FrightFest Presents.

Night Of The Living Deb
4.5Overall Score
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