infini.35770 Director: Shane Abbess
Writers: Shane Abbess, Brian Cachia
Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Luke Hemsworth, Luke Ford
Running Time: 110 mins
BBFC Rating: 15

In the turn of the 23rd century the earth has reached a point that the majority of the population live on or below the poverty line, forcing them to take dangerous jobs off world in interplanetary mining. Whit Carmichael is one such man and with his wife expecting soon he has to go to the titular mining station Infini. Upon arrival things go horribly wrong. One hour later the search and rescue team known as east coast get word that a contagion (that induces pure primal rage) has got loose and that there has only been one survivor, Whit Carmichael. Also a tanker on infini has been hacked and is going to be crashed into an undisclosed location on earth.

Their mission is to find and rescue Carmichael and prevent the tanker from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Simple right? Wrong.

In truth the film is about a man’s hellish journey to be home in time for dinner with his pregnant wife.

This movie is not afraid to dive quickly into the action and holds a steady stream of tension from the first jump to the last few minutes. It delves deep into times of psychosis and rage to moments of clarity for the characters in a style that can be both humorous and unnerving. As a fan of science fiction I thought I could see how this film was going to pan out but the director, Shane Abbess managed to shatter those expectations and leave me wondering what will happen next. The acting from the cast was very strong which was to be expected with actors such as Daniel MacPherson (The Bill, Neighbours) playing Whit Carmichael, Luke Ford (The Mummy Tomb of the dragon emperor,Underbelly) as Chester Huntington and even Luke Hemsworth ( The Reckoning, Neighbors) as Charlie Kent this film will push the boundaries of modern science fiction to a darker part of the human existence.

The film is not flawless though with things like the conversations between Carmichael and Huntington, which jump in time lapses which can be confusing at times and it felt to me that the tanker part of the storyline took a back burner to the effects of the contagion. Do not let this put you off though as this is a solid film and is well worth watching as it does a lot of things right that big budget science fiction seems to have forgotten about including in depth character development so as the movie ends you actually feel like you have been watching people going through the hardships, rather than bog standard soldier a and soldier b.

I recommend picking up a copy of this film and seeing for yourself that you don’t always need massive CGI to bring a film to the next level, sometimes it just takes a good story and the guts to shake things up a bit.


4.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)

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