51pSS23nBjL._SX200_QL80_Director: Lance Patrick
Screenplay: Lance Patrick
Starring: Alex Rendall, Aisling Knight, Rick Alancroft, Sarah Akehurst, Elise Harris and Lee Akehurst.
Producer: Lance Patrick, Lee Akehurst and Sarah Akehurst.
Country: UK
Running Time: 73 min
Year: 2014
BBFC Certificate: 18

Exorcism is filmed with a hand-held camera, following the cast and crew on behind the scenes footage of a fictional horror movie called Exorcism. The premise of the story is that the crew sets off on location to film the bulk of the movie in an old supposedly haunted house in the UK. However, because the film is on a low budget the director did not get permission to film inside the house, so no one knew the film crew or actors were there. As you can imagine things do not end well when they began filming the movie inside an actual haunted home.

Optimized-DPP_0009This film goes in homage to movies like Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project and Evil Dead. When you watch this film you can see where Lance Patrick has paid tribute to these movies. The usage of sound is very interesting, as the sound is cut out due to strange interference, making it seem more real to the audience that the location they are in is haunted. However, I did find this slightly irritating, as I could not concentrate on the story. The acting is not believable either, as the script is too rigid for the style that the movie has been shot in.

The concept to the film is good as it shows what you can achieve on a low budget. However, I think that more thought should have gone into further developing the script to build up additional tension throughout, to make the final few scares that much more intense and memorable to an audience.

It takes a lot for me to get scared; which may be why I did not feel any terror while watching this film, you may feel differently.

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