The latest episode of the 30 Minute Gamers Podcast is up. Adam is away in Canada this week which has left Mike home alone! All is not lost though as Mike is joined by a friend for a topic and a listener posts their thoughts. The one big topic in this episode is the big news regarding the Nintendo 3DS price drop.

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3 Responses

  1. David Brook

    I love my 3DS and I agree with your listener (sorry I missed his name) in that the price drop doesn’t bother me because the ambassador scheme is awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on those GBA titles. The NES ones don’t get me all that excited but I’m sure I’ll get an hour or two out of some of them.

    I also think that come Christmas we’ll be able to better judge the success of the 3DS. It came out at such an odd time and at that price you aren’t going to get parents buying it for their kids out of the blue. They seem to be pushing the marketing machine now and I imagine the 3DS will be on top of lots of Christmas lists come December.

  2. Darren Bolton

    Yeah the NES games are usually a bit of fodder. Even 3D Excitbike is. Super Mario Bros. and Zelda will be great though. The GBA games are all looking incredible. I’m just glad GBA gamnes are confirmed, and also home console. I was worried that they’d leave NES and SNES for wii/wii u and the portable VC for the 3DS!!

    Hopefully Nintendo realise they made a big mistake and they finally need to gibe us what we want, rather than what they think we want. Lots of VC games from a variety of consoles, more online options etc. I think come January the 3DS will have sol insane amounts. Mario Kart and Mario are just too big for it not to have!


  3. Mike Luckett

    Couldn’t agrree more with the comments about the 3DS, i love mine!

    I’m evening enjoying Resident Evil: Mercenaries the more i play of it! I have clocked up 14 hours which i never thought i would be playing it this much! Think i’m justifying my £30 spend!


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