FIFA World Cup 2014 xbox 360Format reviewed: Xbox 360
Other formats available: PS3,
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Price: ÂŁ49.99
Rating: 3

With the month long festival of football about to kick off, why not have a go yourself with one of the finalists? After all it’s the only way that England are going to win the tournament.

Just as the World Cup comes around every four years, so do the games of the tournament. I’ve lost count of when I started playing these, but coupled with the Euro version there have been a lot.

What these games are, essentially, are rebadged versions of the main FIFA game. So if you, like many, are addicted to FIFA 14, then this will feel like a home win for you. Take FIFA 14 add a lot of yellow and green, plus a large portion of samba music and you’ll be there.

I don’t need to go into much detail as to how it all works, even if you haven’t played a FIFA game before it’s all pretty obvious. You can play online or offline with your team of choice. You can play through the games that team would play in the actual World Cup.

I picked England so they have Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Each of the games is then played in perfect models of the actual stadiums in Brazil, and these ones are finished too!

There are other modes too, to keep you entertained, all with a distinctly Brazilian theme.


In between the matches, particularly if your team progresses to the knockout stages, you get the chance to do some training and drills with your players. Now this may sound as dull as listening to Garth Crooks reporting on a game, however, the game features a kind of radio station where the presenters talk about how the World Cup is going. This is actually rather good and interesting to listen to.

As the game is not real I actually managed to win the World Cup as England, I thrashed Brazil 4-0 in the final, and so the radio presenters talked about England as world champions. It’s fun to listen to them say it, all the while finding it hard to believe!

When it comes to knowing how a game will play before you’ve even opened the box, 2014 FIFA World Cup is it. If you’re an England fan then it’s safe to say that over the next few weeks you will need something to take your mind off the real players, so why not do it with these ones?

And if you don’t get the performance you were hoping for, you can always trade it in. Unlike with the real players.

Review by Tuckski for BCS

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