Blood-Glacier-Movie-Poster-Marvin-Kren-United-Kingdom1Director: Marvin Kren
Screenplay: Benjamin Hessler
Starring: Gerhard Liebmann, Brigitte Kren, Edita Malovcic
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Country: Austria
Running Time: 96 min
Year: 2014
BBFC Certificate: 15


Blood Glacier is a complete bloody mess, just the way I like it.

The human race continue to mess up the planet, Antarctica’s ice will be gone within a decade, the Alpine glaciers will disappear and as the ice melts something nasty is festering. A group of scientists are working in a desolate ice station in the German Alps with no phone signal, just asking for trouble aren’t they. Well these genius scientists have set up base next to the Blood Glacier, a place where the native micro-organisms can mix genes and incubate to create new cross creatures, with horrendous consequences.

We meet our unconscious hero Janek recovering from a heavy drinking session and a Black Shampoo track. It’s not long before our mad scientists head off to the Blood Glacier to find a mutating fox, which attacks Janek’s dog and soon something weird is growing inside the dog-host.

Janek’s old flame Tanja arrives on the scene, with a party including a minister on an environmental mission. It’s all starting to go horribly wrong as the walking party is attacked by a wasp–crow freak. The blitzkrieg escalates as a giant horned goat-wasp attack the station backed up by the abhorrent wasp–crow in a sickening onslaught of violence……..and you’ve guessed it, the power tools come out……. and they are supersized. Just to add to the horrors, something is pulsating inside one of the victims; another nauseating mutant is growing inside her. Obviously they need to cut her open with a pair of scissors and burn the vile maggot, listen out for scream of the maggot. The film makers at this point must have decided there is still not enough appalling carnage, so arrives another horribly disfigured casualty; a hideous mass of pustules which soon erupt into hatching mosquito mutants.


In a last ditch attempt to escape, some of the party go in search of a satellite phone but soon fall victim to another indescribable abomination, which Tanja and Janek set about in a frenzied torrent of butchery. They return to the station, to find the grizzly remains of the massacre. Amazingly the helicopter arrives to save what is left of the dishevelled survivors, Janek and Tanja climb aboard but they are taking something weird with them and off they fly to safety or possibly Blood glacier II.

This really is something new and a great explanation for werewolves and mermaids. The special effects are excellent; I can’t fault the acting or photography. There are some great lines, which could go into horror film history such as “Its dead, don’t worry”. If you like blood, snow and sickening mutants this film is the one for you, it’s a haemoglobin fueled blizzard of horror.

Reviewer: Billious De-Ath

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Lives in a Dark Place on the edge of Sanity with his tormented family, chickens, cat and dead Tom.

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