Director: John Buchanan
Screenplay: John Buchanan
Starring: Meredith Branham, Dennis Marsico, Christina Zelner and Troy Stephan
Producer: Omar Suarez
Country: USA
Running time: 7 minutes
Year: 2013

In recent years films just seem to have got longer and longer. I blame Christopher Nolan. The last two Batman films and Inception could and should have been shorter. Films don’t have to be sleep inducingly long though. James Cameron please take note.

Dinner is a perfect example of this. Yes you read that right at the top of this review it is only 7 minutes long, but it does so much in those lucky few minutes.

Described by the writer-director John Buchanan as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock and Roald Dahl, it is beautifully shot and manages to create more tension than the last few thrillers that I’ve watched.

I won’t go into the plot because, understandably, there isn’t a lot of it, but suffice to say it leaves you wanting more.

The best thing is, you can go and watch it now for free just below this review. And I would suggest that you go and do just that right now. Dinner is a great little film from a director and writer who clearly has more talent than much of Hollywood; I look forward to his next work.

Review by Henry Tucker

DINNER from John Buchanan on Vimeo.

Visit the film’s website here.

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  1. John Buchanan

    Henry: Thank you very much for a very flattering review. I am thrilled that “Dinner” is having its world premiere at the London City Film Festival next Saturday (October 26). The film has gotten a wonderful response so far, and I hope it will blossom fully in 2014! Thanks again for your support and the job you and your colleagues do in promoting the art of short filmmaking.


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