Format reviewed: iOS
Other formats available: Android, PC, Mac
Developer: Rovio Mobile
Publisher: Rovio Mobile
Price: 69p (iOS) Free (Android) €5.95 (PC) £2.99 (Mac)
Rating: PEGI 7

Everyone’s favourite cross avians are back in their latest adventure and this time they are boldly going where no angry bird has gone before.

If like us you are a fan of Angry Birds and devoutly devour every new update to the main game, then you will be pleased to see that developer Rovio has come up with a new game using those rather annoyed birds.

Instead of this being another update, or a version of the same thing (Seasons or Rio), Space is a distinctly different game. OK the premise is still the same, you have to squash all the green pigs to clear each level and try to get three stars on each one, however, the physics have changed.

Rovio has transferred the game to both the zero-g aspect of space and also that of small worlds and their distinct, strong gravitational forces. What this means is that in order to get the pigs you really have to think differently than with regular Angry Birds.

It’s no longer simple to work out the trajectory and fire off the birds. You need to some times get the birds into orbit, if the pigs are on a planet, or in some cases fire the birds into a planet so that explosions fire off to hit pigs floating in space.

As with the other games the early missions take you through the various birds on offer. You start with the little red one and the levels aren’t hard to figure out. Then, as you progress, you start to get harder levels and new birds. These are much the same, the black bomb bird, the blue one that splits into three but the yellow one has changed and has to be used in a different way.

There’s no sign of the recent, and we think annoying, orange balloon bird. Maybe that wouldn’t work in the challenging space environment?

As self confessed Angry Birds addicts, we’ve racked up over 30 hours on Angry Birds let alone Seasons and Rio, we soon noted that in order to get three stars on some levels a new tactic was needed. Whereas we would often rely on not using up all the birds in order to get the highest score possible, in Space there are a few levels where you need to accrue more points by using up spare birds.

This is after you have dispatched all the pigs, to destroy the blocks floating around and on planets. If you, unlike us, aren’t obsessed with getting three stars on a level before moving on to the next then this won’t be an issue.

When we first heard about Angry Birds Space we weren’t that fussed, but having spent a few days playing it we have to say that we love it. It takes the game that has helped us pass many an hour waiting for trains, doctors and so on, tweaks it without completely changing it.

For those who like to justify their fun by thinking about the science that is behind it, you can do that with Angry Birds Space by reading this rather heavy Wired article on the physics behind it all!

If we did have one criticism it would be that it is too easy to get three stars on too many of the levels, but then maybe that’s just us. After all we have probably racked up more than 50 hours on all the Angry Birds games!

Reviewer: Tuckski for BCS

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