Join Adam Ducker & Mike Luckett in this episode of the 30 minute podcast where we return to our regular two topic format! This episode we discuss Cloud gaming specifically around the new On Live console and what it offers. With out second topic being the hooks of online gaming. If you like what you hear then we love to receive feedback or any gaming related questions you would like answering on the show! Please send them to our e-mail address, tweet us @30MinuteGamers, find our open facebook group ’30 Minute Gamers’ or simply leave a message via podomatic! Thanks for listening!

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4 Responses

  1. David Brook

    I tried out Onlive briefly when it launched. I had problems logging on, but my internet isn’t amazing and I expected it being the first day didn’t help. Once I did get it to work I was pretty impressed though. Yes there was some mild blockiness popping in from time to time, but generally it was impressive stuff and it felt nice to be able to play decent games on a Mac. I think it could catch on in the future, especially if they do some more deals like the awesome £1 for your first game deal.

  2. Darren Bolton

    What’s the controller like? My biggest problem with PC gaming is the control. Just not for me!

    But if this is a cheap, easy solution then I may go for it

  3. Adam DUcker

    Thanks for the comments guys. I will try and discuss the controller a bit more on next weeks show for you. If I was to place it feel wise its up there as a premium third party controller. Not awful as some are but still slightly “off” when compared to the official controllers.


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