Director: Marvin Kren
Writer: Benjamin Hessler
Starring: Sebastian Achilles, Ingrid Beerbaum & Carsten Behrendt
Producers: Melanie Berke & Sigrid Hoerner
Country: Germany/Austria
Running Time: 59 min
Year: 2010

This German zombie film, directed by Marvin Kren, made a nice change to martial arts movies and crazy killers in fleeces and kept things simple with a basic plot, (hide and seek with zombies), relatively few characters, one key location and concentrated on amping up the tension for the survivors of a zombie outbreak.

The story follows average Joe, Michael, played well by Michael Fuith, who arrives in Berlin to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend, Gabi. Meanwhile, a terrible virus starts spreading across the city turning people into mindless homicidal maniacs. Our hero manages to barricade himself in his ex’s apartment block with a small band of survivors and that’s when the fun really begins.

There’s nothing really original here, but what there is, is done fairly well. The acting is above par, for this sort of film, and the main characters are likeable and very human. It takes a while to pick up momentum, but once it hits its stride it keeps the viewer’s interest and offers a nice alternative to all the shot on mini-cam zombie crap that’s currently saturating most video rental store shelves at the moment. This was actually shot on 35mm, which in itself injects a bit of quality into proceedings. Definitely one to watch out for.

Review by Justin Richards

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After a lengthy stint as a print journalist, Justin now works as a TV and film producer for Bazooka Bunny. He's always been interested in genre films and TV and has continued to work in that area in his new day-job. His written work has appeared in the darker recesses of the internet and in various niche publications, including ITNOW, The Darkside, Is it Uncut?, Impact and Deranged. When he’s not running around on set, or sat hunched over a sticky, crumb-laden keyboard, he’s paying good money to have people in pyjamas try and kick him repeatedly in the face.

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