It’s a common and relatively modern complaint amongst cinemagoers – “The trailer gives the whole plot away!”. Nothing can be more infuriating than watching a trailer for a film you’re looking forward to telling you pretty much everything that happens. This weekly feature will pick a trailer for that week and predict what the story is. We’ll then do a retrospective to see how close we got, Just how much do the trailers give away?



Adrien Brody stars as a man who awakens in a mangled car-wreck at the bottom of a steep cliff. Injured and trapped inside, with no memory of how he got there or who he is, he must rely on his most primal instincts to survive.



The Trailer

00:00 – Adrien Brody is physically “wrecked” after a car accident. A caption reads, “Not knowing who you are”… Hang on; this is sounding EXACTLY the same as Unknown!!

00:51 – He turns on the radio and perchance, there’s a news report about a murder, with the killer riding away in the same car Adrien Brody is in. The name on the report is the same name of a card he finds. “My name is Raymond” Adrien declares. I bet my one and only testicle that is not your name!!

01:10 – We see him struggling to escape his surroundings.

01:22 – We see him as some hostage, he’s not physically wrecked any more so this is clearly some flashback, telling us that Adrien WON’T be the killer at all. Surprise! The man holding Adrien is probably the real Raymond.

01:25 – Captions read “Memory” “Fantasy”. And we see shots of a woman, the same woman we see in the ‘hostage’ flashback; this is probably the murdered victim, probably Adrien’s wife/partner. The fantasy is he keeps seeing his wife in the forest and he’s not sure if she’s real or not, or think she is but we, the audience know she isn’t. Adrien is ‘losing it’!


So, to round up; I’ll try and be as detailed as possible (it’s easy to be vague). Adrien Brody’s wife was murdered in a street crime, Adrien is taken hostage and then in the car too; which ultimately crashes, Adrien barely survives. He wakes up with no memory, a broken leg and physically a mess in the middle of nowhere; he knows he must escape and find help. The catalyst (probably 20 mins in) is that he thinks he is a murderer on the run, giving him the extra impetus to reveal the truth. During his escape he begins to have flashbacks about the murder, about his wife, about himself. The flashbacks begin to merge with his reality. He overcomes many physical barriers in the forest – animals, ravine (as seen in the trailer) and he feels all hope is lost… until the very end when he manages to escape. Someone relevant to the story will help him.

It’s out in a couple of weeks; let’s see how close I am.


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