Well my friends, this is my best of the best of 2010!  Hard decisions were made and feelings were hurt (mostly my own).  Make sure that after you read my reviews of these splendid films you take the time to watch them.

Mitch’s Top Films of 2010: 20-11

Now these fine films didn’t make the top 10 but they were darn close.  Each one of these flicks are definitely worth a watch.

20) Greenberg

19) Piranha 3-D

18) How To Train Your Dragon

17) True Grit

16) The Town

15) Rabbit Hole

14) Winter’s Bone

13) The Fighter

12) The Ghost Writer

11) The Kids Are All Right

Mitch’s Top Best 10 Films of 2010

Here they are!  My favorite 10 films from 2010.  Shamone!

10) Somewhere

9) A Prophet

8) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

7) Exit Through the Gift Shop

6) Toy Story 3

5) Blue Valentine

4) Inception

3) 127 Hours

2) The Social Network

DRUM ROLL please….!!!

1) Kick-ass

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4 Responses

  1. David Brook

    Woah! Spam overload today. There was an update to Akismet (our anti-spam software) today so there must have been some sort of glitch.

    Sorry Mitch, but I think that praise wasn’t quite legitimate! 🙂

  2. Darren Bolton

    I’m confused, I was about to say there’s a mistake, you’ve said 2010, then I saw the films and thought “this guy needs to catch up”, now full understand…

    Good top 10 though. Can’t argue really (and I disagree with everyone). I didn think The Prophet was slightly over rated after the hype, but it was still good.

    I will say that I thought The Kids Are Alright and How to Train Your Dragon were incredible films, they’d be in my top 10 easily.

    And I HATED the ghost. With a passion!

  3. David Brook

    Yeah this conversation doesn’t make a lot of sense now that I deleted the spam comment that started it all 🙂

    And as for the list I’d lose The Fighter, I didn’t think much to that film at all. I felt the opposite to Darren on A Prophet though, I thought it was even better than I expected.

    Anyway, a bit random discussing 2010’s films when we’ve got a shiny new list of 2011 films on another page!


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