Mitch’s 10 WORST Films of

Now there were plenty of bad films I missed.  I tend to stay away from the films you know are going to be horrible.  Out of the 91 films I saw IN the movie theatre, I missed certain rebuked films such as Cop Out, Skyline, When in Rome, The Spy Next Door, Killers, The Last Song, ( how can a Miley Cyrus film be bad?) and others.   But as a reviewer now, I forced myself to go to plenty of other flicks I formerly wouldn’t let the studio pay me to see.

Check out my list of the worst of the worst.  If there’s a movie on here you happen to love, (“How Do You Know” for the ladies) go sit in the corner for 15 minutes and think about what you’ve done.

2010 was an especially poor year for new releases.  It was not easy to pick my 10 worst but here goes.

10) Green Zone

9) Hereafter

8) The Tourist

7) All Good Things

6) Wild Target

5) Resident Evil: Afterlife

4) How Do You Know

3) Legion

2) The Bounty Hunter

1) The Last Airbender (one of the worst films I’ve ever seen)

Notable baddies
Robin Hood, Burlesque, Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Alice In Wonderland, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Machete, Youth in Revolt, Valentine’s Day

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  1. David Brook

    I forgot about Alice in Wonderland when we talked about our least favourite films of the year in the podcast. I hated that film, such a disappointment. Subconscious, Cemetery Junction and Get Him To The Greek were worse for me though, they were awful.


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