Director: Kevin Greutert 
Writer: Patrick Melton/Marcus Dunstan
Producer: Mark Burg/Oren Koules/Gregg Hoffman/James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Starring: Tobin Bell/Costas Mandylor/Betsy Russell/Sean Patrick Flanery/Cary Ewles
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 90 minutes

Since 2004, a movie had come out on Halloween which would go on to make a further six sequels and be one of the most recognised horror movie series in film history. This movie is called SAW. SAW started off fantastically and slowly started to decline in quality but yet everybody had seen the light when SAW VI was released and everybody hoped that the next movie could keep up that quality. Unfortunately, the quality declined to an all-new low as SAW 3D: The Final Chapter is not only a great disappointment but is tied with SAW V as being the worst movie in the series. Picking up where SAW VI left us, Jigsaw is back as he puts a man through a series of tests to save his loved ones from Jigsaw’s gruesome games. Meanwhile, Jigsaw is chasing another potential test subject. Many people believe that fans of the SAW movies are only into the blood, gore and guts and, unfortunately, it felt like the writers and director of SAW 3D: The Final Chapter thought it was what the fans wanted too and so, decided to focus more on blood and guts rather than story. The people who believe this couldn’t be more wrong as fans of the SAW movies, including me, are into the story and liked how the stories were connected throughout the series. SAW 3D: The Final Chapter’s story involving Jill and Hoffman were okay but it had gotten quite tedious sometimes. The sub-plot was totally boring and uninteresting and you didn’t care about the characters at all. You also couldn’t really get into the sub-plot which is a problem because it feels like the sub-plot had gotten more runtime than the main story did and the latter was more interesting. The characters, except for a couple of characters, weren’t interesting enough and you didn’t feel any connection to them.

The traps were good and the blood and guts were aplenty, combine the two together and it makes this the most violent and brutal SAW movie out of the entire lot. The effects were great and the 3D does work, however it’s not used a lot. The times it was used was either when the characters were running down corridors or when bits of guts and blood was flying at the screen. I wouldn’t say that it was worth the money to see it in 3D but it weren’t completely useless. The worst thing about SAW 3D: The Final Chapter is the acting, which mostly had lacklustre performances from the cast, with the exception of a couple of characters. The worst performance being Chad Donella, who played Detective Gibson, he was totally unconvincing as his character. The greatest thing about the movie was the ending as it ended quite well, answering the big question fans of the movie have wanted to know since the beginning of the series. Overall, SAW 3D: The Final Chapter is a little disappointing and the only great thing about the movie is when it ended (quite literally, the last five minutes was the best part of the movie).

The biggest trouble with SAW 3D: The Final Chapter was that it didn’t feel like a SAW movie at all. With the other SAW movies bar one or two, the characters themselves were tested because of them doing something wrong with their life and in this SAW, it was up to one person to save everybody. Also, the fact that Tobin Bell was literally in the movie for two to three minutes was also disappointing considering this is supposedly the last ever SAW movie and Tobin Bell IS what makes SAW. Cary Ewles was great and it was good to see him in the last movie but it felt like he was just thrown in randomly rather than eased in. With the other SAW sequels, it felt like SAW and you knew it was SAW but this felt like a B-movie or a fan movie. This is the worst way to end a movie series mainly because the sub-plot wasn’t interesting and the Jill and Hoffman story weren’t as great as it could have been. However, in saying that, the movie ended well and it seems like a definite way to end the movies for good. SAW fans may have some questions in their head that they fear may not get answered. Well, don’t worry as the good news is that most of the important questions are answered. The bad news is, they’re replaced with new ones, which might hint that there might be another SAW in the future. I hope this doesn’t happen as I think the movie itself ended well. The series started brilliantly and ended with a rather abysmal movie. I have always defended SAW as a movie series and I do stand by what I say when I say that the main story throughout the movies is quite good, however this is one movie that I can not defend. This could have been better if more time was spent on the main story between Jill and Hoffman instead of on the blood and guts.

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2 Responses

  1. Thomas Jones

    Great review! Not quite as eager to watch this one now though…
    One thing that’s always bothered me is the title. SAW 3D makes it sound like its a 3D version of the original. Shouldn’t it be SAW VII:3D?!
    …I’m just nit-picking I guess.

  2. Dazz Camponi

    Thank you Thomas. To be honest, I did think the same thing. I thought it would have been better if it was called SAW VII: The Final Chapter or for the 3D version, SAW VII 3D: The Final Chapter. But if you’re a SAW fan with questions that need answering, this will answer them, lol.


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