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Director: Paul Greengrass
Writer: Paul Greengrass
Starring: J.J. Johnson, Gary Commock, Polly Adams, Opal Alladin
Year: 2006

I avoided this film for a while because of a number of reasons. Firstly it just seemed like a terrible idea coming so soon after the events which were beyond heavily covered in the media. I expected lots of nauseating flag waving, overly heroic characters and one dimensional villains, not to mention the thought of sitting through a two hour film where I know most of the characters will die in the end. Failure just seemed inevitable for me and even though reviews were positive upon it’s release I just ignored it.

Well I can say now that I was an idiot to put off watching this film. Paul Greengrass doesn’t put one foot wrong in the potential minefield of making it. Everything has been so carefully thought through; the film seems unnervingly natural (largely due to the unknown actors and loose camerawork) and because the outcome is known from the outset there’s a sickening tension that makes the thought of the ending seem terrifying. Yes it’s heavy going, but it’s handled with such intensity that you can’t help but be gripped by the ordeal. United 93 is one of the most well made films I’ve seen for a long long time and I would recommend anyone who put off watching it as I did to buy or rent it this instant, you won’t regret it.

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