0000259088Director: David Reynolds
Screenplay: David Reynolds
Starring: David Reynolds
Country: UK
Running Time: 3 Episodes 60 Minutes Each
Year: 2014
BBFC Certificate: E

Right before we start I would like to say that I found this a very emotional documentary that was well written and very well presented. I am laying that on the table right now before I end up with a lynch mob after me. I honestly believe that people rarely consider the long running effects of WWI, some of which can still be felt to this very day. 720,000 dead soldiers’ families lost someone close to them, which is why I must say that I understand the need to try and detach from the sentiment and at times even dispassionately view things, but at times during this it felt to me too detached. That said let’s start a review of each episode.



So in this, the pilot of our three part documentary we are introduced to our presenter David Reynolds, who wrote the book of the same name. He then proceeds to explain how we have become distant from our relatives and should look at it with that distance. He then goes on to explain how the perspective and meaning of the war has shifted over the past 100 years and how those shifts had effected the world during that time. This is where I started to have an uncomfortable feeling as it made me as a viewer step back and look at it from different angle. But I ask you, isn’t that the reason we watch documentaries? To be shown other points of view on a topic?


In the second episode we deal with how it effected the face of politics as the people of the UK were given, and I quote, “Mass Democracy” and how the leaders coped with trying to control the disharmony that it could sometimes cause, using tactics like home ownership and economic development which during the thirties had many negative consequences like unemployment which was prominent in the north and in Scotland. He goes on to explain how this eventually lead to the birth of the Labour party and even the National Health Service.

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Finally we have an episode that deals with how the remaining nations were rebuilt afterwards, the internal struggles that they faced and how within the Ukraine the effects are still felt today. He then goes on to use examples from the UK’s history with Scotland and even between both northern and southern Ireland, and the struggles faced during some of their darkest times.

As  said at the beginning this is very well made and thought provoking and I would recommend watching it just to see it from a different point of view.

It is available now on DVD so pick it up now and above all enjoy.

On a personal note a massive thank you to the team who released this production onto DVD for their patience and understanding as there was a delay from the release of the DVD and the release of this review due to me moving home. So a big thank you.


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