Pride and Prejudice and Zombies DVDDirector: Burr Steers
Screenplay: Burr Steers
Starring: Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston
Country: USA
Running Time: 1h 47min
Year: 2016
BBFC Certificate: PG-13

Ok time for a confession. I am a sucker for romantic period dramas. It is one of my guilty pleasures, and Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorites so why would I want to review a version which  is quite clearly a total bastardization of a literary classic? There is absolutely no way that they could introduce the idea of zombie into it without ruining it right? Well I have to admit to having read the book so knew roughly what to expect which was a successful re imagining but then again we all know that translating things from the the page onto the big screen has often proven quite difficult and in the end is often disappointing. This is one of those very rare pieces that does not fail.


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This is usually the part where I outline the plot but this one is rather self explanatory. It is the classic story of Pride and Prejudice with a flesh eating zombie twist that should in no way work, but in a very superb twist does so without taking anything away from this well known and beloved 19th century period drama. The cast and crew on this film deliver a wonderful production that is enjoyable as well as thought provoking on many things including the prejudices which we have for many people within our own lives.

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On that note I would like to take a moment to talk about three of my favorite members of this superb cast in this film and where you may have seen them before. Top of my list is the wonderful Lily James who plays Elizabeth Bennet. You may recognise her from her roles in the live action remake of Cinderella and Wrath of the Titans. Next up we have the dashing Mr Darcy as played by Sam Riley who is best known for his role in Maleficent, On the Road and Control. This is where I must admit my own personal prejudices as before I saw this my belief was that this was a massive casting error as he always struck me as someone better suited to a slightly lighter role than the stuck up and at times pretentious Mr Darcy. I am proud to say I have never been so wrong. He truly showed his acting range with this complicated and deep character. Lastly we have Parson Collins who was brought to life by the wonderful and very talented Matt Smith. Rather than list where else you will have seen him i am just going to remind you of his wonderful work as the Doctor in Doctor Who. He brings his classic wit and persona across in this role as a rather awkward but ambitious parson.

This film is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray with some wonderful extra features including:

Deleted scenes

Gag reel

Four making of documentaries

And my favourite of the feature The Mr Collins Line-O-Rama


Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
5.0Overall Score
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