Director: John Lyde
Screenplay: David Addante
Starring: Talon G. Ackerman, Heather Beers, Dave Bresnahan
Country: U.S.A
Running Time: 106 min
Year: 2014
BBFC Certificate: PG


Okay guys this is one hell of an opportunity to prove a point that I tried to make before with Night of The Living Deb, about the  true power of crowdfunding.  A Christmas themed fantasy film that was funded via Kickstarter for a total of $51,205 (£33,505.42p).  Here we are again looking at an excellent example of a great family film. One I am pleased to say was a pleasure to both watch and review.


Five orphans set off on an adventure to save Father Christmas and doing so save Christmas itself which stopped five years previously. On their journeys they team up with a rogue, an elf and even a baby dragon. Yes this sounds like a bad game of D&D with your mates on a Friday night after a few drinks but it really does work. They will face many perils from bounty hunters, ogres and goblins as the fight against the darkness engulfing the north and preventing Santa from doing his job of bringing joy to the children of the world. They must return the magic that is Christmas.

Yet again we are faced with a production that had a very small budget when we compare it to the multi million movies being produced en mass these days. At no point does it feel like it. This is an absolute marvel that goes beyond all expectations to draw you into this magical world from the first time you see a dragon to watching Santa’s sleigh fly through the air on the most beautiful blue wings. The director of this piece of Christmas magic was John Lyde who directed other films including SAGA: Curse of the Shadow, The Eleventh Hour and Osombie and this shows his talents in a whole new light. Aiding him we have a wonderful cast including Talon G. Ackerman (Daddy Day Camp, One Good Man and Saints and Soldiers: The Void) playing Garret. Heather Beers (Once Upon a Summer, Christmas for a Dollar and Charly) stars in this film as Sister Lenora the children’s guardian at the orphanage. We also have the wonderful Bailee Michelle Johnson (127 Hours, Christmas Oranges and 17 Miracles) as the main character Ayden. The casting was superb for this heartwarming adventure that is perfect for all the family.


At the time of writing this review I have just ordered a copy of this film on blu-ray for myself with the intent of starting a new Christmas tradition to watch it each year. This is being added with the list alongside Its A Wonderful Life, The Muppets Christmas Carol and Die Hard.

In my eyes this is a must have for anyone’s collection and is available now on dvd and blu-ray. If you can then get it and most of all enjoy.

The Christmas Dragon
4.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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