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Last night I sat down and reviewed two of items the first of which was a horror movie titled The Lazarus Project and the second was this. I ¬†found the first to be a let down and that put me in a bit of a bad mood to be honest with you. I got up went to my dvd player hoping beyond measure that this program would be better. I put the disc in sat on my sofa and pressed play. After about ten minutes I caught myself smiling and not five I found myself laughing, my bad mood a thing of the past. As it carried on playing episode after episode I was sent back to a type of comedy lost in this modern day and age. It was clever, silly and at times politely rude. I love classic comedy and this program is an absolute gem. By the time I was finished it was 2 am and I lay in bed still chuckling at the treasures I’d just seen. So without further ado grab a seat, disconnect the phone¬†and prepare for the best of British comedy.

What is Make Em Laugh?

Well that’s a good question. When I looked at it I must admit thinking to myself this is going to be an interesting one indeed as it just looks like a collection of clips thrown together from various comedy shows. As accurate as that was I also couldn’t have been more wrong. The format of this program is¬†that each episode is themed ranging from Cops and Robbers to War and includes clips that fit together so well that you will be struggling not to smile. This program covers most styles of comedy from the visual i.e. falling through a hole in the floor or a weedy man in glasses stabbing a dummy with a bayoneted rifle in the war with great vigor whilst insulting him in a truly British way, to the situational like losing your wedding ring after taking a dirty hanky out of your ring bearer’s pocket. This is 15oz of pure comedy gold.

Who’s in it?

The list of comedic actors in this program is extensive but a small collection includes Alastair Sim, Frankie Howerd, Terry-Thomas, John Cleese, Benny Hill, Will Hay, Kenneth Williams, Harry H. Corbett, Wilfrid Brambell, Mollie Sugden, Leslie Phillips, Marty Feldman, Warren Mitchell, Dick Emery and Sid James.

The Clips

So will you recognize any of these clips I hear you ask. I truly hope so as they are from many shows including Up Pompeii, Steptoe and Son, The Rebel, Till Death Us Do Part, Holiday on the Buses, Clockwise, The Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery, Are You Being Served?, Every Home Should Have One, Rhubarb, Ooh, You Are Awful, The Ghost of St. Michael’s and more Carry Ons than I care to mention.


This goes on sale on the 19th of October for the retail price of £14.95. It is made up of 6 episodes each around 25 minutes and is rated as 12. In my personal opinion it is worth every penny.


make em laugh

Make Em Laugh
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