Timeslip coverDirector: Ken Hughes
Screenplay: Charles Eric Maine
Starring: Gene Nelson, Faith Domergue, Joseph Tomelty, Donald Gray
Year: 1955
Country: UK
Running Time: 90 mins
BBFC Classification: 12

The film starts with a man running along Duggins wharf in London and being shot by another man in the shadows. The injured man falls into the water and is later rescued by a fishing boat. The man with the hole in his chest is Stephen Rayner a prominent nuclear physicist, and he is later operated on at a nearby hospital, during which his heart stops for 7.5 seconds until it’s restarted with a shot of adrenaline.

The police, in the form of Detective Inspector Keary, are soon brought in to investigate and a science reporter, Delaney, also gets involved and the two of them try to solve what has happened to Rayner since he has no memory of recent past events, although he does seem to be able to predict things that are going to happen 7.5 seconds before they actually do! Hence, he’ll answer the next question the police ask him rather than the current one… Rayner mumbles something about the initials U.T.C and the name Vasquo, but is none the wiser as to what they mean when asked about them later on.

Without wanting to give too much more away about the rather convoluted plot, I’ll just say that it ends up being somewhat more complex than it first seems and involves elements of industrial espionage, with a little science fiction thrown in for good measure.

Timeslip is an intriguing sci-fi-thriller by Emmy Award-winning British writer and director Ken Hughes (more famous for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), and showcases some decent performances by the likes of Gene Nelson (Harum Scarum) and faith Domergue (It Came From Beneath the Sea).

Timeslip_FilmPosterWhilst the film is sometimes let down by some rather overly scripted dialogue, and a little hampered by some rather dated words and mannerisms (it’s rather too weird nowadays to see doctors smoking in hospitals, and in one case actually giving a fag to a patient), it’s nice to see a ‘hero’ type character happy to stop to put his reading glasses on, or hear his sometimes rather amusing verbal sparring with his photographer girlfriend.

There’s a fair amount of suspension of disbelief required by the viewer in order to best enjoy this film as there are some rather large leaps of faith to take at times (for example, the way the medics reset the physicist’s brain back to normal is rather daft), but it makes for a pretty entertaining and fairly undemanding hour and a half.

Network Distributing have done another good job with the new transfer and the picture quality is very good throughout the film’s running time.

Timeslip has recently been released on DVD and is being distributed by Network Distributing. The special features include a trailer (2 minutes), and a picture gallery – showing off six posters for the film, including for its alternative title, namely ‘Atomic Man’, and various stills from the film (22 in total).

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