As always, we’ve syphoned (or suffered) many haikus this month to bring you our favourite ones. And remember, join in and write your very own Haiku Review; tweet your haiku with #haikureview and @blueprintrev and we’ll retweet them all and put our favourites in this monthly article.


TOP 10 (no particular order)

LEVIATHAN by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
Stunning craft on show
In this bleak Russian story,
Which sticks it to Vlad.

JIVE TURKEY by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
Dull blaxploitation.
Too much jive talking filler,
Not enough action.

TOM AT THE FARM by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
A promising start
Is spoilt by shaky choices
From its characters.

LEGION OF IRON by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
It starts off twisted,
But then it breaks out the camp,
To bring bonkers fun.

KICK-ASS 2 by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
The first was so good.
It’s an impressive plummet
To atrociousness.

IRON MAN 3 by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
It’s better than two.
But far too stupid to be
More than passable.

THE VOICES by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
I expected more.
Even talking animals
Can’t raise the funny!

BIRDMAN by Damien Beedham (@blueprintfilm)
Technically stunning,
Cinematic tour de force.
Worthy of Oscar.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by Damien Beedham (@blueprintfilm)
Incredible play.
But this 90s version is
Mediocre though.

THE VOICES by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
Funny little film,
Not sure it was a success,
But was worth a try.

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