Director: Gabriel Friedman, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael HerzToxie_4_BR_2D_PACKSHOT_1024x1024

Screenplay: Lloyd Kaufman, Patrick Cassidy, Gabriel Friedman, Trent Haaga

Starring: David Mattey, Clyde Lewis, Heidi Sjursen, Paul Kyrmse, Joe Fleishaker, Debbie Rochon, Ron Jeremy, Dan Snow

Producer: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz

Country: United States

Running Time: 109 min

Year: 2015

BBFC Certificate: 18

88 Films strike again – what on-earth have they uncovered now.

Citizen Toxie is so offensive on so many levels I can’t believe Lloyd was not locked up for making it. At the same time it is highly educational, we explore the theories of the space time continuum and diametric opposite dimensions helping us to understand the workings of the universe at both a super galactic and subatomic level.

Once again we meet the hideously deformed Toxic Avenger, of Super-human size and strength, apparently “two rotten sequels were made, but this is the real sequel”, so sit back and enjoy this unrelenting onslaught of inexorably offensive material.

The Diaper Mafia are holding the special students of Tromaville hostage, including the Retard Rebel, they intend to execute one every half hour until their demands are met. Lemmy, yes from Motorhead makes an appearance exclaiming his horror that such a dreadful thing could happen on “Take a Mexican to Lunch Day”; he continues to pop up at regular intervals through-out the flick.

The Really Real Bikini Show is on the scene to report on the horrific goings-on, one of the Diaper Mafia is about to mercilessly beat a pregnant woman, they have hanging from the ceiling. Fear not, The Toxic Avenger is undercover, disguised as a bikini-clad woman; the woman oddly transforms into Toxie and immediately gets to work disembowelling the members of the Diaper Mafia. Lard Arse takes over saving the day so that Toxie can nip off to impregnate his wife. Lard Arse noshes a bomb to stop further carnage but in doing so he starts off all sorts astro-physical time –space phenomena. Just in-case that’s not confusing enough, an alternate Toxie called Noxie makes an appearance, ripping the arms off the chief of police, who exclaims “Stay back, he’s armed” as much mayhem ensues, including the harrowing hit and run of a little old lady.

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We discover the space time continuum has warped into a diametric opposite dimension allowing evil Noxie to enter our universe. Our Toxie ends up in evil Tromaville, called Amortville, while evil Noxie wreaks havoc in our world.  Good Toxie does his best to make evil Amortville a better place, so starts by ripping a few tongues out in an attempt to help the special people of alternate Tromaville.

In good Tromaville the evil Noxie has killed the police chief and thrown a twelve year old child at a wall, this is sickening stuff. In an attempt to restore order the council enrol a selection of super heroes to help out, but they look like a pretty useless bunch. There’s The Vibrator, Dolphin Man (who’s not much use without water), Mad Cowboy, Master Bator and a very drunk Kabuki Man with heat seeking chop sticks.

In evil Tromaville a posse of red necks drag a man down the street, more and more bits are ripped off him until and he ends up as just a head, to make this even more unbelievably offensive, one of the red necks in the confusion ends up being hung by the KKK. More horrors abound, while virtuous Toxie saves alternate Clare in evil Tromaville, evil Noxie is violating Clare in our world. We are treated to some Kung Fu action as decent Toxie fights evil Kabuki Man and evil Mad Cow Boy, surrounded by dismembered corpses and a dissevered head; we see the demise of Mad Cowboy as he is fed into a meat grinder.

The story hops and skips between the two alternate dimensions, in our dimension Noxie has killed all the Super heroes in Tromaville but drunken Kabuki Man has managed to save good Clare. Whilst across the dimensions deaf alternate Clare bumps into alternate Lard Arse and for no reason at all except to make us bilious, there’s some pretty unpleasant stuff involving cheese and feet. We flit from one dimension to another; even the “Back to the Future” car has made a random appearance, while the Retarded Avenger starts fulminating and goes on the warpath.

Toxie makes his escape from evil Tromadu by clicking the heels of a red pair of slippers three times, in “Wizard of Oz” style, he lands in a seventies porn film and then in heaven before arriving back in our world.  Toxie needs to get back to our universe as blind Clare is pregnant with two babies; one good and one evil, and we need at least a half decent occurrence to transpire within this debauched melange.

Back home, Tromaville has been turned into a disturbing neo- Nazi homage; the populace have adopted the vogue for Hitler style moustaches, in amongst all the chaos good Clare has gone into labour. In a metal drenched climax good Toxie and evil Noxie fight it out with their trusty mops, at the same time the good and bad Toxie babies come to blows in Clare’s womb. In a tumultuous final battle Toxie rips out Noxie’s internal organs, destroying malevolent Noxie once and for all. Thankfully we glide towards something like a happy ending as Clare has two babies, Toxie now has a family, although the parentage is little perplexing, I guess everyone can now lead as normal a life as possible in the crazy world of Tromaville.


This might be a useful film for burgeoning astrophysicists, as it clears up some difficult to understand physics concepts. As a slight negative, I am disappointed that Toxie no longer has his mechanised eye from Toxie Three, but as Lloyd explains it had its technical issues, so I grudgingly understand. Although, this film could be viewed by some as highly offensive, the extreme violence is served up with a lavish dollop of humour and demeans the depicted subcultures rather than promotes their views. Once again this is outrageously over the top and if possible it’s even more disgraceful than the previous three, I didn’t think it was possible, but well done Lloyd you managed to do it.

88 Films have brought us a brand new HD transfer from the original negative, including director’s commentary with Lloyd Kaufman, writer’s commentary with Trent Haaga and editor’s commentary with Gabe Friedman & Sean McGrath. The Blu-ray is stuffed full of extras, including outrageous outtakes, feature length documentary about the making of Citizen Toxie, deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, a stack of featurettes, trailer reels and its even got a reversible sleeve with original poster art.

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