The Stunt People are an independent stunt team based in California. On top of working on high end action movies like A Good Day to Die Hard, the team produce their own short films and feature films, including the hugely entertaining Contour which I caught at a film festival a few years back and the awesome First Person Darth Vader shorts.

Back in 2013, Stunt People co-founder Eric Jacobus wrote and directed (alongside Pete Lee) an excellent martial arts spin on the Groundhog Day concept called Rope-a-Dope which won a lot of acclaim on the festival circuit.

That short teased a sequel and this week we got it! Rope-a-Dope 2 is even better than the original, with Jacobus and Lee bringing us an hilarious short crammed with some incredibly impressive fight scenes and a great extension to the ‘stuck in one day’ idea.

Below you can watch both shorts, because you should really watch the first film before the second.


Rope-a-Dope – Wake, Fight, Repeat

Rope-a-Dope 2 – Return of the Martial Arts Mafia

To find out more about The Stunt People and their work head to their website. This is the place to buy their great feature films too which are difficult to find elsewhere.

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