Director: Axelle Carolyn
Screenplay: Axelle Carolyn
Starring: Anna Walton, Tom Wisdom, Tanya Myers, Nick Brimble, Emma Cleasby
Producer: Neil Marshall
Country: UK
Running Time: 103 min
Year: 2013
BBFC Certificate: 18

Sterling Pictures / Forest Features production in association with Title Media and Screen Projex, bring to the table the supernatural tale Soulmate. Starring Anna Walton (Hellboy 2) and Tom Wisdom (300) with Tanya Myers (Skeletons), Nick Brimble (A Knight’s Tale) and Emma Cleasby (Dog Soldiers). Soulmate is scripted and directed by Axelle Carolyn with Neil Marshall (Doomsday, Dog Soldiers and The Descent) as executive producer and editor with special guest appearance by Anubis, Axelle’s dog.

This isn’t Dog Soldiers, so don’t expect werewolves leaping out of the cupboards, it’s more of a love story, well nearly. Audrey (Anna Walton) decides to retreat to the countryside to forget her husbands’ death and recover from her attempted suicide. Of course she decides to rent a weird house in a weird village populated with weird locals. She is immediately met by Teresa (Tanya Myers), and when you find out Teresa lives at “the first house on the left”, you know things are not going to run smoothly.

Teresa is obviously mad as a box of frogs while her husband (Nick Brimble) manages to be friendly and creepy at the same time. Teresa welcomes Audrey to the village with a hilarious food parcel comprising of a vile lump of slimy meat that looks like a spleen (it’s actually a skinned rabbit) an old root and what looks like some dead weeds.


The plot centres round the interaction between Audrey and the previous inhabitant of the house, who is now deceased. Suspense builds as the supernatural shenanigans intensify and we scream “Get in the car NOW and go stay in a Premier Inn”. Audrey gives a nearly believable excuse for not fleeing the crazy cottage, as she needs time to recover from her attempted suicide. Unfortunately there’s not much recovery time as the ghostly mischief escalates and things turn nasty when living and dead both get the wrong end of the stick, with disastrous consequences. The spectre evolves both physically and mentally as the story progresses while searing musical effects add to the tension and jolts to the nerves. The interaction between the ghost and Audrey is intelligent and well written and interlaced with a smattering of blood and murder to keep the horror fans happy.

The film has already managed to cause controversy over cuts made to its opening scenes. The BBFC have struck and cut the cuts, deeming certain scenes as imitable behaviour, much to Axelle’s and Neil’s displeasure. The movie comes with some excellent extras including enlightening directors’ commentary, interviews and a couple of short films. So as the rain lashes against window panes next Sunday afternoon pop Soulmate on for a spectrally induced journey to the edge of sanity, a thoroughly enjoyable escapade.

Written by: Billious De-Ath

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Lives in a Dark Place on the edge of Sanity with his tormented family, chickens, cat and dead Tom.

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