South Park the Stick of Truth coverFormat reviewed: Xbox 360
Other formats available: PS3, PC
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment / South Park Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Price: ÂŁ35
Rating: 18

If ever there was going to be a game that would cause controversy then it would have to be a South Park one. Having played it, I would have to say that this is one for South Park fans only.

As you would imagine, The Stick of Truth is set in the fictional, dysfunctional, parody of a US town: South Park. All of the famous characters are there in their obnoxious glory: Cartman, Stan, Kenny and so on.

As the player you take on the role of New Kid who has the unenviable task of trying to fit into this town of weirdoes. First off you have to create your character.

This is a lot like all those old flash games online where you could create your own South Park character, you choose the clothes, face, expression and so on. Nothing new there. You’re then into the game.

The Stick of Truth is an item of massive power and is being fought over by a group of elves and another group of heroes. Basically it’s two gangs of the children from South Park, the group your character joins being headed up by Cartman.

What is happening is the two groups of children, elves and your gang, are playing out their fantasies in the town and this is played out in the game as a turn-based RPG. It’s a clever device and has all the humour that you would expect from a South Park episode. Not surprising seeing as it is written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The gameplay is excellent fun. You have various missions and can roam around the town to your heart’s content most of the time. At first this can take some time, after all they don’t have very long legs and take time to walk from one place to the next. However, you soon meet Timmy who goes around the town on a sledge providing the now common fast-travel option.

South Park the Stick of Truth

As you go around the town you do bump into groups of elves from time to time. When this happens, combat ensues. As this follows the rules of old-school RPGing you take turns and select your weapon and target.

The weapon you choose is important as swords can’t hurt certain players and so you might want to use a bow and arrow instead, but this will depend on what class of character you choose.

You get the usual, warrior, wizard and so on, each of which has their particular set of skills. As for one of the others, suffice to say we can’t believe what the makers of the game have got away with. It’s a level of humour that South Park fans clearly love, but it’s not for everyone.

Healing is done by eating food, these are given mythical names but are in reality common snacks. This is all part of the humour of the game that flows through the game.

You do have to remember that this is an adult game, as the show is an adult show, although it is no doubt loved by teenaged boys. There is a lot of very adult language in the game and also very adult items that can be collected as you go around the town.

As I have said, South Park: The Stick of Truth is a game for fans of the TV show. If that is your kind of thing then you will love it, otherwise don’t bother. If you think that this is a game for children, it isn’t as the big 18 on the box shows.

Review by Tucksksi for BCS

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