photo_9_1Format reviewed: iOS
Other formats available: None
Developer: Strange Flavour
Publisher: Strange Flavour
Price: Free
Rating: 4+

Games such as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator are icons of gaming. That and others like it prided themselves on their accuracy and for being so lifelike that they have even been used to train pilots. In contrast to this is Any Landing where, as the name suggests, as long as you get some of the plane down on the ground that’s a success!

Where Flight Sim gamers would sometimes to go as far as having joysticks and even full cockpits, in Any Landing the controls are much simpler.

Tilt your device to the left to climb and to the right to descend. In addition to this you have controls for more or less power.

With these mastered there are things you can collect such as coins, red, blue and green dotty things. These can provide repairs to your plane or other bonuses.

pull up

When I first started up the game I tried to get as much altitude as possible, thinking that was what you were supposed to do. That isn’t always the case. The dotty things you collect are often quite low, plus there are buildings that you can fly through, demolishing them, to get more coins. In addition to this you can also save cats. Why the cats need saving is never truly explained. All I know is that they are called Thelma and Louise.

The aim is then to get your plane down on the runway, or any other flat surface. This is easier said than done, but not so hard that you want to give up. The better you get at it the more upgrade you get and also better planes.

The game has plenty of humour in it, particularly when your landing has left your plane nose down and tail up, coupled with an unhealthy amount of fire and smoke.

You often get updates as to what the passengers thought of your flying, such as will they ever fly again or if they have taken up drinking instead.

All in all, Any Landing is a bit of fun. So if you’re all done being angry with your birds now that you can’t be flappy with them either then give it a go. It’s free, so why not?

Review by Tucksksi for BCS

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