Director: Ted V. Mikelswp4f44206e_05_06
Writers: Arch Hall Sr. (screenplay), Joseph Cranston (screenplay)
Starring: Sean Kenney, Monika Kelly, Sanford Mitchell, J. Byron Foster
Country: USA
Running Time: 75 mins approx
Year: 1971
BBFC Certificate: 18

I’d been told The Corpse Grinders is notoriously bad, well don’t listen, this film is just great, it’s got a real kooky feel straight from the start and has the feel of Blood Feast (1963) . The actors are bizarre and made for this caper, this film is so cool, horror inspired psychobilly band The Meteors have even immortalised it in song.

So 88 Films are at it again releasing more cool flicks, think I’ll have to become a fan. Meow, the local moggies have gone mad and started attacking their loving owners, what’s going on, something foul is afoot. Is it something to do with the new cat food supplier? Landau and Maltby have set up the sick and twisted pet food company Lotus Cat Food and they are adding strange ingredients to their cat food to make it so tasty. It appears that freshly dug up corpse is great for bulking up the cat food ingredients, Caleb and his deranged wife Cleo like to help out by keeping the supply of corpses coming, strangely Caleb likes to collect corpses in a pink flasher mac.

Things get even worse when the supply of corpses starts to run out, drunks and street people are added to the mix. Angie the naughty nurse announces “Call it feminine intuition, call it anything you want, but I know the answer is in that pet food factory and I’m going down there”. I wouldn’t call this feminine intuition I’d call it dumb, I’d be heading in the opposite direction. Those darn meddling pesky kids just won’t let it lie and soon the naughty nurse is screaming and rolling about in a mass of dismembered body parts – that’ll teach her. Will sicko Maltby get his comeuppance too, will he be taking a ride on the corpse grinding thingamajig. Well Landau seems to think so, howling “you are nothing Maltby, you’re nothing Maltby you’re cat food” – you’ll just have to watch it to find out.

This film is a ”crazy cat having a wild fit”, its blood chilling and it’s got “a diabolical contraption that turns human bones and flesh into screaming savage blood death”, who could ask for more? I loved the creepy lighting, grubby feel and grubbier sound track, this film makes you feel dirty. There is some great flashing photography adding another layer of quirkiness to this escapade. I loved the little bits of madness such as the doctor using a kids microscope to carry out his tests. The DVD also comes with some great extras including commentary by Ted V. Mikels, the original trailer and reversible sleeve with the original artwork. Stuff like this does not age it gets better with time, just wondering if I can buy one of those Corpse Grinders, I could put one to good use.

Reviewer: Billious De-Ath

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Lives in a Dark Place on the edge of Sanity with his tormented family, chickens, cat and dead Tom.

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